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It's the season and sale we've all been waiting for! Get your feet equipped with authentic Huaraches, built to last by our team of Artisans in Mexico.

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Each pair of Huaraches is individually crafted by Artisans who have had this art in their family for generations. All of our Huaraches are produced in a small town in Mexico called Sahuayo, Michoacán.

Mexico-sourced leather

Cut by hand

Mounted in the workshop

Hand-woven with skills passed down from generation to generation

Ensuring longevity with pressure and heat

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IT's WORTH THE INVESTMENT - especially for the summer

Leather has a number of very special, natural properties: It is breathable, heat-insulating, stretchy, tearproof and abrasion-resistant and acts as a barrier against moisture evaporation. It is also robust, making the shoe more stable and functional. 

The tanning process also happens close by in the city of Guadalajara. Natural vegetable dye is used to give the leather its vibrant colors. A 200 year old method takes 28 days and minimises impact on the environment, as well as your skin.


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