The Process

At Mexican Sole we believe its extremely important to be transparent with the process that is undertaken in order to produce a pair of Huaraches.

Click here to watch our video from the Workshop in Mexico now, otherwise please read on!

Sourcing the Leather

All of the leather is sourced from within Mexico on ranches that have wide open spaces. Most of the leather comes from Jalisco, Colima and Michoacan, all are very close to where our Huarache makers live.

The tanning process also happens close by in the city of Guadalajara. Natural vegetable dye is used to give the leather its vibrant colours. A 200 year old method takes 28 days and minimises impact on the environment, as well as your skin.

Cutting the Leather

This entire process is done by hand in the workshop. The leather cutters use their finger nail to measure the size of the cut, which various for each style. 


Mounting the Huarache

Once all of the linings are cut and seamed they are mounted on to a shoe block in preparation for the leather strips to be weaved by our Artisans.


The strips of leather and mounted Huaraches are dropped off to our Artisans homes. This is where the magic happens! This is a skills passed down from generation to generation. 

Soling and Finishing

Once the Huaraches are picked up from the Artisans homes they are brought back to the factory for the final stages. Here glue is applied to the bottom of the sole and then pressure and heat are applied to keep it stuck on. Finally the Huaraches are each individually checked for quality control before beginning their big journey down under.