About Us

Mexican Sole was created by Bianca and Daniel.

The company was inspired by Daniel's heritage. He was born to a Mexican mother and Italian father so as you can imagine, he has had a very rich cultural upbringing.

The town in Mexico where his Mum grew up in is called Zihuatanejo. It’s a sleepy little beach town on the West Coast of Mexico, not too far from Acapulco. Given the chance we feel everyone should visit, it’s a magic place and we have yet to meet a person who didn’t fall in love the first time they visited!

Daniel has been visiting his family there every year, and from the time when he was was a kid he remembers his Abuelito Don Carlos would always wear his pair of Huaraches everywhere he went. He wore the same pair for years, day in, day out – work, rest or play –  until he would run them into the ground.

Each pair of Huaraches  is individually crafted by Artisans who have had this art in their family for generations.  The leather strap that makes up the body of the shoe is hand woven into the sole with a single piece of leather which gives them outstanding durability. This allows each pair to last for years. This is very important in a place where people don’t have money to continually purchase new shoes because theirs have worn out.

Huaraches are comfortable and breathable which makes them perfect for the hot and humid climate in Mexico, and the US for that matter. Over the years, the art of weaving these shoes has become very fashionable and much like most things in Mexico, colour has become a huge part of what makes them so stylish and unique.

Bianca is very passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion, that still looks stylish.

Mexican Sole Huaraches are made by a family owned and run business in Sahuayo, Michoacan. In a time where global brands have taken over the Retail market, it is very rare that local suppliers can survive, so I am proud to be able to support this trade.

If you have any questions or want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Daniel & Bianca

Founders of Mexican Sole